Media relations

Goethe Institute. Promotion of German language event “O kaip vokiskai?” in Lithuania

German language is one of the most important business languages in the European Union. However, many people consider German too difficult and do not see benefits of learning it.

So we got Goethe Institute to present to media a national initiative, uniting more than 200 events aimed at promoting German language and its benefits in politics, business, culture and education, tourism development.

Media coverage also highlighted survey of German – Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) showing economic importance of German language. Almost 80 % of companies have stated that they would increase exports and grow business when having more employees who speak German.

And finally we got famous band SKAMP presenting an anthem dedicated to German language day and speaking about benefits of learning German.

German language event “O kaip vokiskai?” has received considerable national and regional media attention. National TV, also news portals and popular radio stations have covered the event.